Select a theme from the list below. Once your site is activated you can change the theme in your site control panel at any time. Alternatively, get a no obligation quote for a bespoke theme, or theme header.

Listings theme
  • Listings

  • Listings is a powerful theme that allows any niche business to create a listings/directory based website. The theme showcases your listings with advanced search capabilities and the ability to upload a listing from the front end.

  • Features: Featured Slider, Advanced search Module, Google Maps Integration.

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SupportPress theme
  • SupportPress

  • SupportPress is designed to create a powerful help desk using WordPress core functionality. Customers can submit support requests but are encouraged to check an intuitive knowledgebase to learn if their issues have already been resolved. Agents administrate tickets by setting priorities and delegating tasks to fellow team members.

  • Features: Knowledgebase, Mobile Optimization, Custom E-mail.

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FaultPress theme
  • FaultPress

  • FaultPress transforms your WordPress install, empowering you and your team to refine your product by engaging the community, requesting bug reports and ticket submission. You can then delegate tasks amongst team members, assign bug fixes to milestones or version releases and discuss any issues via the built-in messages system.

  • Features: Milestones, Mobile Support, Custom E-mail Notifications.

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