Why WordPress?

Although historically known as a blogging platform, WordPress has developed into an excellent and versatile Content Management System (CMS).

Ease of Use

In addition to providing a stable platform, WordPress has an intuitive and easy to use Admin Control Panel. It is easily customized with plugins to extend your sites functionality and literally thousands of templates to choose from which can transform the appearance and layout of you site at the click of a button.


The WordPress Admin Control Panel gives you complete granular control over every aspect of your site without the need for any understanding of programming languages. This means that site owners do not need to pay a developer for simply updating images and/or information, or wait for it to happen!


WordPress is an “open source” application, and so new developments are being added all the time. More importantly, from a site owner’s point of view, this also means that your CMS is portable.

Whereas many web development agencies run their own ‘in house’ CMS often this means that, as a client, you are locked into their web package and can end up paying relatively high costs for simply maintaining your site. If you choose to move to an alternative web host, you may be able to move your files but they won’t run outside of your current providers CMS and so you will effectively loose your site and have to start from scratch.

Because WordPress is Open Source you can transfer the complete WordPress installation at any time preserving your site. At Codelite we believe this ensures that we are focussed on providing a high level of service and value for money. In fact, we’re that confident you will want to stay with us if you should decide to move away we will assist you by providing all the necessary files.

What you will get

Your website will be installed and configured on your chosen domain name within 48hrs.

You will receive email confirmation with login details to your hosting account giving access to your personal password protected content management system where you can add content to your site / add items to your shop / submit posts to your blog etc.

You will also receive access to our updated e-book providing a step by step guide (complete with screen shots) to easy operation of the WordPress Content Management System.

  • How to add pages
  • Add information
  • Install Plugins
  • Add / remove widgets
  • Change themes
  • Add items to the shop
  • Set up groups
  • Configure postage costs
  • And much more!

For peace of mind, you will also receive technical support for your hosting account via our support ticket system or alternatively phone 0844 4148 364.

WordPress software is released under GPL License from the Free Software Foundation. A copy of the license is can be read here.